The purpose of understanding and meditating on emptiness is to release our mind from wrong conceptions and mistaken appearances so that we will become a completely pure, or enlightened, being. In this context, ‘wrong conceptions’ refers to the mind of self-grasping ignorance - a conceptual mind that grasps objects as truly existent; and ‘mistaken appearance’ refers to the appearance of truly existent objects.
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso - “Transform Your Life” (via dancingdakini)


Aluminum Wood Casting- Tech Meets Nature in These Beautiful Design

Israeli artist Hilla Shamia manages to create a modern/natural art piece made of aluminum and wood that remains functional while still conjuring a wide range of emotional and ideological triggers. These are gorgeous pieces that can not only stand in a gallery, but also in a home as a table or a seat.

The process involves, and this is by no means an in-depth explanation, pouring the extremely hot aluminum into a casting with the wood at the bottom. The goal is to have as little oxygen in that space as possible and then get the aluminum to cool quick enough. The result is charring instead of burning.

These are aesthetically perfect to me. I would love to have a piece sitting in my office.

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